Turn your PC into a true multimedia center


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MediaPortal is an open-source project aimed at developing a software capable of turning a computer or TV into an authentic multimedia center.

The origins of this project lie in the XBOX console. The project supervisor grew tired of the fact that that device was simply not prepared for this system, so it was adapted to Windows.

Ever heard of Windows Media Center? Yes? MediaPortal is the GNU alternative to this Microsoft program. Even its interface is similar!

But ... what can you do with it? Lots of things. For starters, if your computer has a TV tuner card, you can watch TV and program it to record your favorite shows, with support for several international TV formats.

But not just television – also radio. If your tuner supports radio, MediaPortal lets you manage all available stations.

Plus, you can view DVDs and get information for the one you're playing straight from the Internet. The program gets its information from 'The Internet Movie Database', IMDB.

MediaPortal also lets you listen to all the audio files on your system and create your own playlists. And don't forget your pictures, which you will, of course, be able to view on your TV or computer screen.

Finally, RSS news feeds and weather information are among the other features you'll be able to access using this amazing tool which is still under development.
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